Babskie Spotkania Bristol

We are a community group for Polish women, established in October 2018. So far we have organised almost 30 events – meetings, outings and trips. There is lots more planned for the  year 2020. 

We meet every few weeks to socialise, make new friendships, exchange experiences, support each other, share our passions, hobbies, and simply spend time together – with other women from Poland. The meetings give us a sense of belonging, here, far from our home country, where we started our lives from scratch, away from families and best friends. 

As well as doing our best to be part of the local community of Bristol and serve it best as we can, we feel the need to sustain our language, traditions and way of living and looking at the world. And chatter in our mother tongue, too.
We are a friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental group. Our meetings are open to any woman wishing to join us, regardless of her age, religion, political views, sexual orientation or disability.

Come and see for yourself! 

Or, if you are a professional, and you know of any Polish speaking women who would benefit from coming to our group, feel free to share this website or our Facebook fan page with them.
Thank you!

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